Understand the Reasons Refrigerator Is Not Cooling at All or Insufficiently Cooling

Published On August 7, 2018 | By Bill Justin | Gadgets

When your refrigerator is not cooling sufficiently, you are concerned about the food stored in it. You need to find out the reason why. There are possible several reasons behind not cooling at all or not cooling sufficiently.

Frosted evaporator coil

In the freezer section, there are circulating fans and evaporator coils. Poor cooling could have caused extreme frost development, which could have accumulated on evaporation coils and fan. Both are insulated, so the circulating fans cannot draw air across the frosted coils. You can feel small cooling amount due to frost over coils without air flow. Frost can be eliminated through manual defrosting.

If you have the latest energy efficient Whirlpool unit then it has an automatic defrost feature, which allows proper cooling within the fridge.

Malfunctioning evaporator fan

Fan circulates cool air from freezer to the other zones within the appliance. Obvious, when evaporator fan stops air cannot be circulated. Therefore, the freezer zone persists to be cold but other food section will be affected with negligible coolness.

Broken defrost system

Frost-free refrigerators comprise of defrost system that controls defrost cycle and cooling. Defrost system has two components – defrost heater and defrost timer. The defrost timer automatically switches refrigerator between defrost and cooling mode. If this malfunctions and halts at cooling mode then excessive frost accumulation on evaporator coils decreases air flow. If defrost system breaks at defrost mode then all frost melts but the program does not return to cooling cycle.

Defrost heater melts frost, which has developed over evaporator coils. If this breaks down excess frost collects on coil decreasing its cooling capacity within the fridge. Thus, when either of the two-turn faulty, fridge cannot detect, when to defrost or when to cool.

Inoperative compressor

Compressor is the refrigeration cycle’s heart. If it does not perform well then total cooling process collapses. Compressors task is to compress refrigerant from low-pressure cold air into high-pressure warm air.

Compressed refrigerant at high pressure flows via condenser into high pressure liquid. This liquid flows through evaporator coils, where it cools to low pressure air. This air flows over cooling coils, which maintains coolness inside the refrigerator. When compressor breaks down the refrigeration cycle will not occur.

Inadequate refrigerant level

Compressor is heart but refrigerant is cooling cycle’s blood. Insufficient or under limit refrigerant affects cooling level within the fridge.

Condenser coil insulated with dirt

When hot refrigerant condenses, lots of heat gets dissipated in this conversion process. If condenser coil has dirt accumulation then heat will not be able to get dissipated properly. The heat stays inside the fridge, thus reducing coolness.

Damaged condenser fan

Condenser fan is responsible to force the hot air outside the unit. If it goes bad, hot air cannot get eliminated. It remains inside, thus increasing refrigerator temperature within. Fan motor or blades prevent condenser fan from functioning properly.

Out of order start capacitor

Start capacitor gives compressor a boost to start. If it gets burnt out, compressor may refuse to start thus obstructing the refrigeration cycle function, thus no cooling occurs.

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