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Published On July 14, 2017 | By Felicia Nicole | Gadgets

If you are looking for a toy airplane with some seriously cool features then have a peep in the site of Rcmoment and search for the device XK A1200. If you are an FPV fan, then this is a perfect adventure that you can have.

Highlights Of The Airplane

If you are still not stunned by the mini airplane, then you will surely be after having a glance at the amazing highlights that it has to offer.

  • The mini airplane is light in weight and is quite attractive in looks.
  • HD camera to capture images as well as to record videos along with a sun visor.
  • The airplane flies at both 3D as well as 6G modes.
  • It can fly at a stretch of 45 minutes in one go.
  • The remote control of the device has a number of functions to offer such as:
  • Monitor with inside receiver,
  • 6G and 3D modes,
  • Steering or the throttle,
  • Throttle trimming,
  • Steering trimming,
  • Menu,
  • Exit,
  • Power indicator,
  • Aileron or elevator,
  • Elevator trimming,
  • Aileron trimming,
  • Up and down option,
  • Enter button.

Specifications Of The Device

When you buy the mini airplane device XK A1200, you can have a look at the various amazing specifications that it has. Here are mentioned a few of the specifications.

  • The mini airplane is made up of the material EPO.
  • The length of the device is 895 mm while the wingspan is 1200 mm.
  • It has a brushless motor.
  • It has an LCD monitor of 4.5 inches.
  • The airplane requires 20C Lipo battery of 7.4V 2000mAh. The monitor operates on an inbuilt LiPo battery of 3.7V 500mAh.
  • For the transmission, 6 numbers of AA batteries are required.

Features Of The Device

The site of Rcmoment displays all the best features of the mini airplane.

  • Easy to assemble options that are lesser time to consume also.
  • Wings are designed in a way that can be detached when needed.
  • You can switch between the modes of 3D and 6G.
  • The brushless motor of 2212B-2600KV offers a high power.
  • Though the device is delicate in its appearance but is strongly built.
  • The full control of function is offered by the 4 digital servos.
  • The device is made up of the lightweight and durable EPO material.
  • The transmitter of 200mW AV offers a transmission of 800 meters.
  • The device is equipped with TF card of 4GB and the DVR is featured to capture images of resolution 2048×1536 and video recording at 1080p/30fps.
  • The monitor is of 5.8G and also has an in-built receiver with the battery.

What Is In The Package?

The best option is to buy the device from the site Rcmomemt, if you want to have a reliable purchase. When you buy the device, you can find all these materials in the package.

  • 1 piece of RC airplane,
  • 1 transmitter of 2.4G,
  • 1 monitor of 5.8G,
  • 1 LiPo battery of 7.4V 2000mAh,
  • 1 TF card of 4GB,
  • 1 card reader,
  • 1 vertical antenna,
  • 1 charger,
  • 1 USB charger,
  • 1 spare propeller,
  • 1 wrench,
  • 1 screwdriver,
  • 1 manual in the English language.

The mini airplane from the brand XK is the latest famous option that you can have if you are in love with the FPV and if you are looking out for some adventure stuff. Get through the features and you will surely get this device not only interesting but also worth giving out a try.

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