ReLIFE manga – a complete review

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As you all know the Japanese dramas are supposed to have a separate craze among the people of all age group. Even though there are many dramas, ReLIFE have attained more popularity among the comic readers. This is nothing but an online web comic drama written by Yayoiso. This drama is published by NHN PlayArt and this has about five chapters which are published by earth star entertainment. The most interesting factor is this comic is about to be telecasted in television as anime television series. This television series is directed by Tomo Kosaka and it is supposed to have about 13 episodes.


ReLIFE – Genre

This can be considered as a comic which is a combination of various genres which include Romance, school life, comedy, webtoons and many. Thus, this will be quite interesting to follow up. Even though this comic was released in the year 2013, last year it was nominated for Annual Kodansha Manga Awards. People who are interested with the story line can also read them in online. This story line will definitely take the readers to the early days of their life. People who really miss their school day can make a recap through this story line.

ReLIFE manga

The story revolves around a 27 year- old boy who is jobless. Even though he attends various interviews he was really fed up with his continuous failures. ReLIFE manga revolves around this guy whose is named as Arata Kaizaki. The life of this boy gets changed when to tend to meet Yoake Ryou who is a member of ReLife Research Institute. It can be said that the life of Arata Kaizaki get colorful after his meeting with Yoake Ryou. This is because Yoake Ryou offers him a drug/ drinks which will take him ten years back from his present age; which means that  Arata Kaizaki turns 17 years old once after taking this drink. Once after consuming drug Arata Kaizaki starts his life as a school boy. This helps Arata Kaizaki to bring a better change to his life.

In this play Arata Kaizaki will act as the subject who is subjected for one year experiment to test a drug. And during this experiment period he returns back to high school. In the high school he tends to come across a smart female student whose character is mentioned as Chizuru Hishiro. The most astonishing fact in this play is it will get revealed that Chizuru Hishiro is the project no 01. That is she is also experimented by Yoake Ryou in prior to Kaizaki. This play also involves another important character who is the junior supervisor of the experiment while Yoake Ryou is considered to be the senior supervisor. The play also involves several other characters at school which includes students and teachers. Apart from these, the other important character of the play is Michiru Saiki who is the co-worker of Arata and she tends to commit suicide as she was harassed by her co-worker.

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