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Reasons To Choose Samsung Galaxy S3 Instead of the iPhone 5

Published On July 11, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Android, iPhone & iPad

The battle for the best smartphone and operating system just never seem to cease. With the amazing flagship phones from the leading manufacturers, people are always clamouring for the best reviews and comparisons that will help them give an informed decision on the smartphone that will suit their needs and will be worthy of their hard earned money.

And considering the escalating prevalence of mobile broadband, people are having more reasons to get their own reliable, functional and beneficial smartphone that they can choose among the latest model as released by the leading manufacturers. Fortunately, with the help of reliable broadband comparisons sites such as Broadband Expert, smart phone owners can make the most out of their pricey smart phones by embedding it with as much apps as they want, surfing through phone’s internet as long as they want, share photos through Facebook, Instagram or with their other social media accounts, and do other online functions.

And upon the decision to get the best smartphone comes up, a lot of people become caught between the two most sensational smart phones these days namely, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the upcoming iPhone 5. While the past iPhones been prevailing in the smart phone industry for quite some time and has a couple of amazing features to boast, there are certainly a lot of reasons why people should no longer wait for its release and get the Samsung Galaxy S3 now instead:

· Samsung Galaxy S3 has a bigger diagonal screen size – This is perhaps, one of the most obvious features where Galaxy S3 has an edge over the iPhone 5, at least for those who want to have more convenience viewing the screen. Even if the iPhone 5 will push through in increasing their diagonal screen size at 4 inches, Galaxy S3’s screen will still be bigger at 4.8 inches.

· Samsung Galaxy S3 has better screen quality – People may think the Galaxy S3 will lose the battle for high quality screen with the iPhone 5 considering that Galaxy S3 has a bigger screen and iPhone is known to be a sucker for screen quality. However, people who are eyeing the Galaxy S3 as their next smart phone should not worry because of its HD Super AMOLED that has a richer color contrast.

· Samsung Galaxy S3 will be supported by more carriers as compared to the iPhone 5 – If you happen to be a loyal follower of a particular carrier who unfortunately, does not carry the iPhone 5 in their line of phones, you may be in luck for the Galaxy S3. Currently, the Galaxy S3 is being sold by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular. The upsurge of demand for the said smartphone has prompted other carriers to offer the Galaxy S3, along with their other mobile phones. People have yet to wait for announcements if T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular will also be selling the iPhone 5.

· Samsung Galaxy S3 has a sleek design inspite of its plastic material for the exterior material – The iPhone may have a classy and industrial feel with its glass material for the top and bottom part, the Galaxy S3 has managed to have an elegant feel with its exteriors and this is inspite of its plastic material for the exteriors.

· Samsung Galaxy S3 has a memory card slot – Both Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 have different variants having different internal memory capacities (16/32/64 GB Storage). But as for Samsung Galaxy S3, owners can have the option of increasing its memory of up to 64GB with its memory card slot.

Final Words

It is indeed, difficult to choose between these two smart phones considering that they are the latest flagship smart phones of the two leading manufacturers and the best will only depend upon the consumer’s wants and needs. But for those who are yet to arrive at a final decision on which one to get, the foregoing info should be of great help.

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