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Published On December 3, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Mobile

The beauty of this software is to bring to bring you all the details of he selected phone, without leaving any sign on the phone. This software doesn’t cause any hindrance in the network of the service provider nor does it cause any damage to the voice quality. Yes you get it right you can hack any phone, provided it has Bluetooth on it. You can hack the phone and could listen every word they say with the same clarity and quality; you talk on your phone. This software is available on internet. We better call them as spying software used for spying, generally by private investigators. But now with the breakthrough in the software development this is available for general populace to use. This software will make you spy on their activities anywhere and anytime, you can check you cheating wife or your daughter dating the same old bad guy, which you hate. You are fearful about your daughter that she may be blackmailed. You can also check your business partner secretly selling your research work. You can also check the loyalty of your employee, which is in doubt.


To install this software you need to have physical access to the mobile phone, some say that it can be installed remotely. Within two minutes you can install this so you have get the mobile for this time at least. Take the phone start the built in browser and download this software, as it is in your hands, allow the permission needed and then restart the phone. And the program is ready to send you the details and it will remain totally hidden.

Check if you are not the targeted one

Protect yourself from getting targeted by not leaving your mobile phone attended for two minutes. Generally we keep our phones on the our working desk and leave it as it is for many time during the dy in our office like going wash rooms, moving to you colleague in hurry. If will be hard for you to detect as the software will leave no installation sign. Now the question is how to know that your mobile phone is having that mobile spy application.

To check your mobile you have to log into members

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