Measures to Ensure a Hard Drive Failure Doesn’t Cripple You

Published On December 19, 2016 | By Felicia Nicole | Computer

Most people don’t really put much thought into how or why a computer operates. They simply know how to turn it on and use the installed programs. As technology continues to increase your reliance on electronic devices, it’s important to know the basic steps necessary to keep your system running and your business moving forward. With today’s competitive markets, staying one step ahead of your competition is essential. Any form of delay could result in loss of business critical to your survival.

The good news is that as technology advances with new and improved programs and devices, companies that specialize in secure data recovery are also finding ways to restore lost or corrupt files to your hard drive quickly.

Understanding the importance of the hard drive

Just like your favorite pair of shoes, computers eventually wear out. When this happens the read/write head and connecting components begin to malfunction. Since the hard drive is the place where everything you add to your computer is stored, it’s important to repair it or replace your computer and upgrade to a newer model with more memory before a crash. This will guarantee that you save irreplaceable family photos, music, videos, personal billing information, as well as company information, operating systems and files.

How will I know if my computer is ready to crash

If you work on a computer daily either at work or home, or maybe a little bit of both, you begin to recognize certain sounds that are natural, like a quiet hum in the background. When your computer begins to falter due to age, a virus or human error, it may make sounds that are very unfamiliar such as a screeching, grinding or even a clicking sound. It may also take longer to surf the net, start up the system, close programs or shut down. In more advanced stages you may find that a file you saved yesterday is no longer there. Any one of these, or a combination of a few, may be a sign that your computer needs attention.

Can I fix the computer myself

Sometimes you can fix the problem with your computer by yourself. If your computer is running a little slower than normal you can try defragging to compress files and free up storage space. You can also install antivirus software and do a run to see if anything comes up. If that works then you’re ready to resume your work. If, however, your hard drive is on its way out, either of those two options will not help. And due to the importance and delicate nature of the hard drive, when it comes to this area, it’s best to let an outside service that’s experienced in this field handle the recovery procedure. Opening your hard drive and exposing it to airborne particles like dust can cause you or your business to lose everything.

Safeguard your important information

While technology is a good thing allowing you to connect with people at any time from around the world, it also means that when your device malfunctions, you lose your connection and your business comes to an abrupt halt. Since more than likely, every task you perform for the business including inventory, email, analytical charts and reports are stored on your computer system. Losing even a part of this valuable information could literally put you out of business. Taking precautionary measures to ensure you’ve got the latest programs and a reliable and reputable data recovery service in place will give you peace of mind.

The importance of backing up files

If your hard drive fails and needs repair everything you do daily is at risk. This means you can’t send or check on vital emails, you can’t check your inventory, your employees can’t access files and perform general tasks and customer service is lost. Keeping your operating system functioning properly is key to your continued success. By performing a backup once or twice a week you can regain almost all of your work, your existing programs and continue to work until you receive your computer back.

Technology definitely makes it easier to talk with family, friends, and coworkers, It also makes it easier for a business, small and large, to reach their full potential. Performing regular maintenance on your computer like defragging, installing antivirus software and backing up your files weekly will help preserve everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

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