HIRO Media CEO Ariel Napchi Advises Forward Thinking OTT Content

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According to HIRO Media CEO Ariel Napchi, over-the-top (OTT) content services are experiencing a major revolution. Several major programmers are getting into the market for the first time in an attempt to disrupt traditional media, notably Viacom who recently announced they would be launching an OTT service for their Nickelodeon channel.

No Longer an Impersonal Experience

The online environment is much more versatile than the traditional TV distribution model, allowing creators to easily target specific viewers. This is already successfully being done in online advertising where advertisements are targeted to the individual, and video content also needs to adopt this approach. Ultimately, for the industry to properly progress, content and advertisements must be more personalized.


Why Personalization?

As media philosopher Marshall McLuhan once wrote, “We look at the present through a rearview mirror. We march backwards into the future.” Humans generally repeat old behavioral patterns in a new environment. This happened when television channels tried to apply radio techniques to television and when television applied it to online media networks.

Day by day there is a gradual move towards the online market. As the shift continues we must update the models that we use. The “pattern” of traditional TV is broadcast – where all viewers are forced to watch the same channel. This impersonal, passive experience is the opposite of the online environment, where content is actively pushed and targeted towards viewers. By doing so, viewers get the content they want and content owners get the maximum advertising profit.

How to Keep Consumers Engaged

According to Ariel Napchi, “successful online viewership is not about how many people enter a site to watch content…it is about catering content to the viewer.” It’s vital to update both distribution and content generation in order to avoid the rearview mirror effect. The advertising industry realized this long ago, and now it’s the content industry’s turn. Viewers should be catered to with personalized content in order to maximize advertising value and to continually reach target audiences.

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