How To Get Effective Task Results With A Small Team

Published On February 23, 2017 | By Felicia Nicole | Internet

When you have a small team and a big task to complete, it becomes stressful. Many times, you assign a task, but the team member forgets to do it. Or, you find it difficult to keep a track of the ongoing process and ensure the progress. All these things become the factors that doom the project you have in hand.

Only a well-planned, scheduled task reaches to its desired end. Here you require a few tips along with one of the best tools for project management.

  1. Assign a team leader

You can’t communicate about every aspect of the task with each and every team member. Hence, it would be a wise move to assign one member as the team leader. You can give him or her the responsibility of the execution and the completion of the tasks you assign. This way, you only have to communicate with the team leader in order to keep a track of the ongoing process. However, it is important to select the leader wisely. He or she should have the leading capacity and the communication abilities to get the task done from the team members.

  1. Stay in touch and communicate

Your job doesn’t end after assigning the responsibilities. It is your responsibility to monitor the ongoing process and ensure that all of the team members are on the same page. To do this, you need to stay in touch with your team and communicate regularly.

You need to be clear on the points you make. Tell clear deadlines and be specific about the expectations you have regarding the assigned job. This leaves no chances of error and gives a clearer idea to the team members what you are expecting from them. Plus, your positive approach is very important to keep the members motivated. Welcome questions from the team members and help them with your expertise.

Adding to that, you should encourage the suggestions. It is more about giving every member a chance to put his or her point of view on the table. And, this is what brings out the solutions of most of the problems.

  1. Manage with the right tool

An advanced project management tools software can help you monitor the ongoing process better. You can easily gather the documentation and the data from the individual member of the groups and ensure the progress. Along with that, these kinds of the tool are also helpful in communicating with the team members and providing your point of view on multiple problems that arise during the task. So, no matter how big the project is, the right tool works to reduce the effort to a great extent.

There are many task management tools out there. You need to check out the features you are getting and the prices. The most suitable ones are those that let you plan, handle, and ensure the successful completion of the project.

So, these are the things you can do to manage a big project with a small team. Get the right tool and manage effectively.


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