The Future Of Social Is Search

Published On December 5, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Social Media

This is for sure, that many people will argue that it is the other way around that is- search’s future is social. These two fields are converging and with billions of dollars riding on them, it is important to address the two as a dynamic duo.

To know why the future of social is search, let’s look –why search has been turning its eye towards social. Search is all related to findability. Whether it is a paid search or organic search, the basic goal of search is to be found by your target audience and expectantly have them take the next step or action. That step can be as simple as like or share or as complex as moving down via pipeline into a lead and then to purchase. Social has given an exceptional way for people, to find content and ideas.

Social has become a busy place. Millions or billions of users, multiple channels and lots of content mean the days of simple searching or findability are over. So, the marketers need to focus on being found from all angles. It is true that you can’t change the algorithms of Facebook, Google etc- so what you can do?

You can create the content that is showed every time, when people search for it.

The meaning of the above statement can be easily understood by the following things:

  • Focus more on Phrases, not on keywords: People use to see the things on social media, billboards, commercials, news articles and then search it later. They don’t use to type a single word most of the time, they use to write an entire phrase. Monitor these phrases that the people use when they talk about your products or services on social and understand how it affects your content decisions.
  • Look for concepts not concrete terminology: This may sound you the same as number one, you should focus on the discussions that are relevant to your brand. In this discussion, you will find a wealth of information to connect with existing audiences and identify the new one. This will help you to create the content on new topics and this new content attracts many people.
  • Create content that is searchable and consumable socially: Knowing people on social channels and creating lots of stuff or content is only half the battle. Now you have to make sure that you are creating content that works well for all those mediums and is found easily when users search. Basically, for this, a discussion group is formed or a hangout is conducted by the company, which feature the expert guests of various industries and discussion is done on the current topic. This is conducted live and hence gives the chance to the audience to tweet the questions and then it is posted on YouTube, company’s blog and slide share.

The blog posts consist of links to You Tube and slideshare and links to other referencing sources- garnering greater findability. Each of these items are not only shared socially but are also findable via social media.

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