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Finding the Right Ecommerce CRM Software

Published On August 4, 2015 | By Felicia Nicole | Internet

Picking the right ecommerce CRM software isn’t as easy as figuring out which delivers the most for the least cost. The best way to understand ecommerce CRM services is to picture them as organic services. The CRM cost isn’t in the start-up, or even in the monthly subscription, it lies in the cost of the program over its lifetime with you. That means understanding the potential for upgrade costs, hard and soft training costs, plus predicting the return-on-investment is all going to play a role in deciding the right ecommerce CRM software for you.

Ecommerce CRM Software

What About Just Picking One That’s Highly Rated?

You can go with a leading provider and you will be able to find the highest rated and most affordable cloud CRM services around, according to Computer World. Unfortunately, that may give you an adequate CRM product but not the one that is really going to deliver on the promise that specialized ecommerce CRM holds for you. The reason for this is that CRM is industry specific and size specific. Major providers recognize this which is why under their brand they offer several different types of cloud CRM services. It also pays to look at some of the other options available that may have been developed more specifically towards your industry, in particular ecommerce-friendly and adaptive CRM.

Getting Specific

Some software providers have been pushing a series of products with their cloud CRM services that are highly specific. For example, Oracle’s RightNow service has a low CRM cost and is optimized for social media networking. That optimization isn’t going to help plumbing widget company much, but it can be a blessing for those involved with online apparel and accessories sales. Zoho is another CRM provider that delivers cloud CRM services geared towards apparel and accessories sales. You will find that these cloud CRM services have expansive sales and social media marketing integrations with shipping management, but that they may have too broad an approach to be right for your needs.

Deciding What You Need Requires Analysis

A beginner’s guide for ecommerce CRM software advises that the worst way to decide what you need to look for in ecommerce CRM software for your business is to do it off the top of your head. Run your reports, project your trends and analyze both your business performance and industry performance. That is the only way to begin to even approach a cloud CRM services comparison table. Even within one industry there are niche players who may need document transfer over accounting plug-ins and so on. The more you can identify the features that will benefit you the better able you will be to pick the best buy CRM software for you.

Support, Upgrading And Training

Support, upgrades and training can represent a hidden CRM cost if you are not diligent in reading all the terms and conditions of a provider’s services. Some of the best ecommerce CRM programs have added costs for support. Upgrading and training are something that have to be in step with the overall subscription cost for cloud CRM services in order to really qualify them as one of the best buy CRM software options too.

Make sure you take your time and fully explore your options with ecommerce CRM software. Take advantage of the complimentary trials and use them to test onboarding options. Doing so will pay off in the long run with you finding the right software for your ecommerce needs.

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