File Sharing Could Save the Entertainment Industry

Published On December 11, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Internet

There are many big entertainment organizations in the U.S. who have spent lots of time relaying to the public that file sharing is not legal. They have proposed that sharing files that are meant to be purchased is only hurting the music industry, because these files are all being given away for free or for less than what they are worth. There are in act many online companies like that people use to share files with family, friends, and strangers from all over the world. In many cases it is being called piracy; but is it really hurting the entertainment industry?

Battles for file sharing

There have been many organizations such as M.P.A.A and R.I.A.A who have taken their time to protests or battle online trying to stop those that share files online through file sharing programs. They are simply trying to limit the content that is accessible to those who are sharing files.

File Sharers are the best customers

However, little do these companies that are fighting against file sharers know that file sharers are actually known to be their best customers. The reason being for this is because by them sharing their files they are actually advertising for their entertainment.

Statistics show facts

There is a fact to those who are sharing files, and it has been studied by the Federal Communications Commission that is based in the U.K. The study showed that more money is being spent in the entertainment industry from those who have been sharing files illegally versus those who are going about sharing file the legal way.

It is said that those who practicing piracy spend 3 times more than those who are not “stealing” from the entertainment industry.

Why are hybrids spending more?

Hybrids are spending more money when it comes to the entertainment industry because they are more involved in the entertainment industry compared to those who are going about the process legally. They considered being entertainment junkies, so somewhere along the line they will end up spending some money on what they love the most.

Is File sharing reliable for Sales?

File sharing does help with sales to a certain extent, but at the same time it is not a completely reliable method to make sales for the entertainment industry. It’s only for the obvious reason that many people like to take advantage of getting something for free.

Research Study of 2013

A research study of 2013 for the entertainment industry was performed to determine the amount of clicks that were made on legal and illegal file sharing sites. The music that was consumed illegally wouldn’t have been consumed if the entertainment junkies had not had free access to it. The study also concluded that file sharing increased the sales of digital music purchases online.

Record Sales

As many people have suspected, the sales of records in stores have gone down because of the availability of file sharing as well as being able to purchase music digitally over the internet. However, on the positive note, the entertainment industry is still making their money more and that has shown to be true with the sales increase for concert tickets.

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