Blogspot vs. WordPress Cms which one is best for blogging Beginners

Published On December 5, 2016 | By Felicia Nicole | Web Design

Blogger (aka Blogspot) and WordPress are two of the oldest and most established blogging platforms. Choosing one is essential for making a blog. Which one is to be used is often asked by beginners.

Given below are features and comparisons to help you choose between the two:

WordPress: Summary of the features

  • WordPress is mainly used due to its flexibility. You are provided with the freedom of expanding your site.
  • It offers various other freedom options such as ownership and authority on the site.
  • The open source software has been designed by some great developers to make it easier for your for meetups and conferences
  • When you have a variety of template designs available, you will not need any professional skills in designing your site.
  • Plugins are available for almost all the features so that you can do everything at your fingertips.

BlogSpot: A quick overview

  • BlogSpot offers you a straightforward, easy and a basic way of blogging.
  • It is owned by Google and Google only controls it apart from your blogging part.
  • To access to BlogSpot, you should have a Google account.
  • The transfer of your domain name is available here.
  • Templates are available but in a limited way to design your site.
  • You do not have much access to FTP.
  • There are a few numbers of features that you can use and are quite enough for a blogging site. But there are no such options of adding plugins for accessing new features.

If you have bigger ambitions, such as creating a professional web presence or building a business, it’s not the ideal long-term solution.

In making a blog, it is recommended that one use WordPress due to various reasons;


BlogSpot is a great option to start your site and enjoy some of the most amazing features such as flexibility, customization, and many others. But the most important problem that comes up here is that it does not allow your ownership, and hence it can be shutdown and controlled by its actual owner Goole anytime and also without your prior permission.

This is not the case with WordPress, where you are allowed to get the hosting service. You are available with all the proper features that are offered in case of BlogSpot, and also you have your ownership on your website.  


BlogSpot offers you with some features and options, but still, the number of facilities offered are much lesser and in a limited number. But on the other hand, WordPress is open source software and hence it allows you to be free to use various features.Also, there is the freedom of any plugin for using any extra features that are not there on the site.

Thus, of course, WordPress is a much better option to select than the BlogSpot.

It’s important to make the correct decision in making a blog. Ultimately it is important to choose whichever you are more comfortable with.

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