8 Best Kept Open Secrets to Keep the Battery Preserved for IOS7

Published On October 21, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Mobile

The iOS 7 is on a roll with one and all, with an awesome surge of mass hysteria, and with it comes also the time for people to start crying about battery drain—and I too don’t blame them. Because I too had the experience of some rapid battery drain after first updating my iPhone 5, as well. But you don’t need to worry. If you’ve just updated your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to iOS 7 and would like to know the best kept secrets that keeps your battery from draining, this is it.

IOS 7 has in it many things. It’s vibrant. Very pretty indeed though not waterproof. But, unfortunately, iOS 7’s battery life can be a lot quicker to turn your iPhone into a rather expensive paperweight if you’re not careful. But you need not loose heart just yet, friend. There are a range of tiny options that you can tinker with that, when taken altogether, will keep your iPhone’s little battery icon nice and green. Here then, are the easiest tweaks that will preserve your phone’s battery life.

1 – DISABLE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: If you are not into investing, why would you need the Stocks to show up in your Notification Center? These kind of little things do nothing else but waste precious battery every time you open the Notification Center.

* So, go to Settings

* Notification Center and

* Disable it, along with anything else you don’t want or need showing up there, including apps.

2 – TURNING OFF PARALLAX: One of the new iOS 7 feature called “Parallax” enables the icons move around the screen depending on the angle at which you hold your phone. This can cause the gyroscope use that extra energy but some have also complained that it causes motion sickness.

* You can turn this feature off by turning on “reduce motion.”

* Go to Settings,

* General

* Accessibility and

* Turn Reduce Motion to on.

3 – TURN OFF UNNECESSARY RADIOS: Both the iPhone and other iOS devices do have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Both are great, for sure, but both guzzle up power and if you’re not using them, it’s better and prudent to turn them off. And it very easy too.

* Controls for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are at the main settings page.

4 – TURN OFF AIR DROP: Airdrop is a great feature that lets you transfer files and data over the air to other iOS devices but, the truth is, most of us will rarely or may even never use it.Dont loose heart, it’s also really easy to hop on and off:
* Swipe up to the Control Center (from the bottom of any home screen)

* Clicking on Airdrop and

* Turning it off.

5 – DIM UP YOUR SCREEN: You need not be donning sunglasses all the time, hence we suggest you turn down your iPhone’s brightness a little dimmer, and a lot more energy efficient? Turn off Auto-Brightness by going to

* Settings

* Then Wallpapers & Brightness

* Switch off Auto-Brightness.

* Now lower your screen brightness that can’t be used to signal rescue helicopters. Yes, you have a flashlight app for that.

6 – SWITCH OFF LOCATION SERVICES: GPS for Google Maps? That’s great. But GPS so for Seamless to estimate where the nearest falafel joint is at all times? No, not very essential. Turn off location settings for apps that don’t require that by going to

* Settings

* Privacy

* Location Services,

* and toggling accordingly.

7 – TURN OFF BACKGROUND APP UPDATES: Having your apps automatically download new versions & updates in the background can suck quite a bit of energy. To get it off,

* Go to Settings

* iTunes & App Store

* Scroll down and toggle off Updates underneath the Automatic Downloads section.

8 – FINALLY KILL APPS THAT YOU DON’T NEED: Yes, as we all know by now, Apple is in the habit of keeping apps running whether you need them or not. Its claim about energy efficiency does sound hollow and there are some apps that do background tasks which will drain the battery. Let’s take, for example, Google maps that run in the background but if you’re not using Google maps and it is running, you may be wasting power. But again you need not lose sleep as iOS 7 has a great new way to kill apps

* Press the Home button twice so you can see the apps that are running in rectangles on the screen

* Flick to the left or right to bring apps into view

* Push any apps that you don’t need up and away to the top of the screen to close them.

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