6 Tips For Writing Online Marketing Copy

Published On October 25, 2016 | By Bill Justin | Paid Search Marketing

There are several methods to create online marketing compelling smart, strong and copy.  However, here I am going to tell you top 6 tips for writing online marketing copy.

Attractive Headline

The headline is one of the most essential elements of the online marketing copy. If your headline is boring, worse or poor, many folks don’t want to read it any further. Thereby, Online Marketing Content Writers should make an intriguing, enticing, and exciting headline for copy. The headline should catch the attention of your visitors.

Use Short Words

In order to catch the attention of people, you should use short overall messages, short paragraphs, and short sentences. However, if you are creating an epic resource like a tutorial or ultimate guide, then you may use long sentences. But, other content must concise.

It is a well known fact that the easy words communicate better than pompous language and long words. So, Online Marketing Writers should use short words rather than complex words. You can see the difference:

best vs. superior

help vs. facilitate or assist

show vs. indicate

get rid of vs. eliminate

get vs. obtain

Avoid Hype, Corporate Speak, Jargon and Bureaucratese

In the spirit of being concise and using simple words, you should not use Hype, Corporate Speak, Jargon and Bureaucratese pompous language. Actually, they are not easy to understand, and no one wants to read these types of language.

Set a tone and Create a Sense of Urgency

Do you want to be Dark, Snarky, Contrary, Funny, Serious, Informative or chatty? You can select one and stick with the same. Readers like consistency.

While doing Online Marketing content writing jobs for copy, you should use sense of urgency in your copy. It is a well known fact that the urgency, scarcity encourages a target customer to act fast. Coupon expiration dates, a 3-day free ebook promotion, and Limited-time offers are all amazing examples of urgency.

  1. Text and Pictures

In your content marketing strategy, adding various media such as slides, videos, infographics, photos, etc. can make a huge difference. As we all know why YouTube and Pinterest are so famous.

  1. Call To Action

If you have written good quality copy, but if you don’t tell readers what is the next step, they will not go for next step. Your marketing tactics needs a call for action which makes readers want to respond. However, you should avoid old phrases, like Order Here or Buy Now, as folks tend to avoid these phrases and words that they have seen lots of times.

If you are doing Online Marketing writing jobs for your copy, then these tips will be very helpful. All the best!


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