5 BPM Software Instruments Designed To Help Your Business Get Smarter

Published On June 3, 2017 | By Bill Justin | Business

Reduce chaos, get rid of paperwork, eradicate human factor, provide agents with a multifunctional working space and put a whole business on autopilot with a right BPM software vendor.

Any business activity can be viewed as a set of sequential activities (operations and tasks) that must be accomplished to produce some value to an end user. Business process management (BPM) is an approach meant to optimize recurring procedures (workflows) with the aim of achieving a particular business outcome such as gaining a competitive edge, minimization of operational costs, cutting time to market, etc. What is BPM software? It is a digital program used to capture, model, simulate, execute, monitor and automate complex processes on an enterprise level, across all departments and regions.

A BPM technology ensures business agility and process flexibility making companies better equipped to encounter ever-shifting market environment and pressing regulatory compliance issues. Actually, a properly chosen BPM software brings even more advantages, the main of which are:

  • staff productivity and satisfaction
  • process efficiency and reduced bottlenecks
  • overall business transparency
  • performance measurability and control

To derive these benefits, an excellent BPM product must incorporate at least the following functions:

  • process creation studio
  • data management and analysis
  • social collaboration options
  • business activity monitoring
  • task and project management tools

Today, BPM software market is very crowded with hundreds of vendors and solutions, what makes it difficult to pick up a good product. Still, there are BPM candidates that outshine their competitors by offering the functions going beyond a mere workflow management.


Backed by solid process management capabilities, bpm’online gives the ability to build and run procedures of any complexity, both branched and parallel. An award-winning BPM engine supports the full implementation process from discovering to automation. A user-friendly visual designer allows creating enterprise-scale processes in the drag-and-drop manner without special technical skills or programming experience. Inbuilt workflow elements and templates make the process development a breeze.

What makes bpm’online a high performer among all BPM systems is that it is the first solution that has aligned marketing, sales and customer service initiatives on a single BPM platform meaning stakeholders can manage an entire customer journey – from lead acquisition to repeat sales – in one system. Thanks to an unprecedentedly generous functionality, cloud bpm’online can serve the most specific business needs and automate a plethora of customer-facing operations:

  • Business process engine with a visual designer
  • Business rules management
  • Call center automation
  • Case management and ticketing system
  • Contact & account management
  • Content management
  • Contract management
  • Customization
  • Document flow automation
  • Helpdesk automation
  • Integration
  • Knowledge base
  • Lead capturing, qualification, nurturing
  • Mobility
  • Omnichannel marketing and customer communication
  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Partner relationship management
  • Process analysis and change tracking
  • Product & price list management
  • Quote & order management
  • ROI analytics
  • Task management
  • Team collaboration panel
  • Territory & quota management


Designed with simplicity in mind, Metatask is a right BPM software tool for the companies that are less experienced in intelligent business process management. The solution provides a framework to define, streamline and control internal operations. This BPM platform presents a process as a sequence of tasks instead of traditional flowcharts or diagrams. Such an approach is helpful when you need to get a clear view on a process status and track the performance of their owners. This software makes it possible to manage all the documents and other media files in one place. The key modules of this cloud-hosted BPM application are:

  • Process mapping, modeling and automation
  • Workflow templates
  • Social collaboration
  • Process monitoring
  • Task management

Sensus BPM software

Considered one of the most power-packed BPM softwares, Sensus helps organizations achieve greater business accountability and clarity via efficient process management. By leveraging this cloud solution, participants can map, refine and share processes throughout an organization, determine KPIs for the process instances and owners, link documents and files to the process chart for an auto generation and receive insightful reports with exhaustive information about each task and operation. Along with smart BPM competencies, Sensus is also equipped with:

  • Intranet integration
  • Communication tools
  • Automated visualizations
  • Activity management
  • Performance analysis and measurement
ProcessGene BPM suite

Intended specifically for multi-subsidiary enterprises, cloud-based ProcessGene helps manage, control and automate existing business processes, see the fulfillment of a process status, coordinate mergers and acquisitions, and ensure a central control over all organizational data. Pre-configured process templates and maps models complement a sophisticated ProcessGene’s toolkit:

  • Business rules engine
  • Change tracking
  • Data mapping
  • Process lifecycle orchestration
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Task management
  • Team communication features
FlowCentric Processware

One of the most reputable BPM systems with a nearly 90% user satisfaction, FlowCentric Processware allows for the whole business digitization, automation and optimization through the best workflow management. This on-premise solution drives operational effectiveness, enhances business flexibility and standardizes user experience across all departments owing to a valuable set of tools:

  • Process lifecycle management
  • Business rules engine
  • Document generation
  • Social collaboration
  • Dashboards and performance visualization
  • Process creation guidelines
  • Notifications, task escalation and routing


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