3 Ways to Improve Your Blog Headlines Today

Published On July 24, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Blogging

It’s been said over and over again that your headline is what attracts readers to your blog posts. Although there are numerous how-to guides to writing compelling headlines, many web publishers fail in this important area. Below you’ll discover three rules that you should apply to write headlines that captivate, convince, and covert.

Optimize your headline for search engines

You must reach out to your audience if you want to get clicks. While there are many channels for reaching your audience, there are none as powerful and effective as search engines. Search engine robots evaluate your titles to determine what the post is all about, so any omissions there will affect your ability to rank.

Your search engine friendly headlines must have no more than 70 characters, be relevant to the content in the rest of the article and should not be stuffed with too many keywords. Remember that your headlines will also determine whether searchers click through to your website or ignore it in favor of a more appealing headline.

Target your audience

One out of every five persons who read your headline will go on to read the entire body copy – and that is if you have a slightly compelling headline. You need to write headlines in such a way that your audience will go on to read the rest of the post.

But more than just writing a catchy headline, you need to target your audience with every word. Silly and witty headlines may have their place, but relevancy must be your most urgent goal.

Take out the confusion and ambiguity and talk about the benefits to get your customers to take notice. Customers don’t want to guess at what you’re selling, and if your headline is not clear, they’ll move on to something else.

The truth is that relevancy makes more sense than sensational titles that are not relevant. For instance, a prospect wants to know how on-the-go internet works, which headline do you think will be more relevant to him? Get It To Go – You’ll Be Glad You Did or the headline at clearwirelessinternet4G.com/wimax, which says CLEAR On-the-Go Internet – How It Works. The latter obviously answers to the prospect’s needs while the former is vague and confusing.

So the latter headline takes the win because it points out exactly what the body text is about.

Use power words

Power words speak to readers and appeal to their emotions. These are words that carry the most weight in the sentence and grab your readers’ attention. Some common power words are how, you, your, knew, who, money, people, why and what. Use the words “you” and “your” to put your audience in the title.

It might take some time to work power words in your titles, so you can use swipe files until you develop the habit.

Keep these simple tips in mind the next time you write a headline. Hopefully, it will make a huge difference in your blog readership.

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