3 Must-Have Insurance Packages for Bloggers

Published On October 3, 2013 | By Felicia Nicole | Blogging

Companies and bloggers can turn their blogs into major revenue streams, attracting thousands of visitors each day and widespread media attention. This means that you have to protect the time and funds you’ve invested in building this online presence. Unfortunately, bloggers often fall victim to libel or copyright lawsuits due to their high-profile content. Full-time bloggers also have to worry about protecting their health and their technology, including computers and office equipment at home. Take a look at the three types of insurance you should prioritize as a blogger.

Libel Protection

Journalists go through years of training, learning how to recognize and avoid potential libel. While you may assume that you’re safe, it’s hard to tell how an unrestricted digital audience will interpret your work. In 2006, a woman living in Florida was able to successfully win $11.3 million in court after filing a defamation lawsuit regarding negative comments made about her online. Law enforcement officials and judges are scrutinizing web content to make sure that people are safe from online bullying and harassment.

While most bloggers write with good intentions, it’s difficult to tell when an individual or organization will target your website on the basis of libel or copyright infringement. We’re expected to share our experiences via social media, but it can be difficult to tell when we have seriously crossed the line or not. You may also fall victim to individuals or organizations using bullying tactics to file a lawsuit against your blog. New libel protection insurance can help guard you against these legal attacks, which can drain your bank account as you try to find the best defense.

Health Insurance

Are you a full-time freelance blogger? Do you have health insurance? If not, you may be at risk for some tax penalties. There are a number of insurance quote companies that cater to uninsured freelancers. Many people put off their regular doctor and dentist visits, waiting for the moment when they can afford insurance. However, checkups are crucial to preventative care. You may find yourself stuck with a major health issue and no insurance, if you wait too long and avoid periodic checkups.

Bloggers are susceptible to various health problems, including repetitive stress syndromes and back issues. Chronic pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and aches from sitting down too long can be corrected by health professionals before they become larger issues.

Renter’s Insurance

Bloggers rely heavily on their personal technology. Your computer and smartphone play critical roles in recording events and posting them online. Do you have a contingency plan in the event of theft, accidents, or damage from natural disasters? Renter’s insurance can offset the most severe expenses associated with these types of incidents.

While an insurance payment can help you replace hardware, it cannot recover your data. Bloggers should take steps to secure their digital information on backup drives and in cloud storage. Planning for emergencies will help you get back up and running, even if your original hardware is stolen or damaged. While an insurance payment can help you purchase replacement technology, a backup can return your daily blog operations to normal.

Many people don’t associate risk with blogging. However, news outlets are often turning their focus to everyday bloggers for relevant and important updates. As our blogs are subject to further scrutiny, it becomes more vital for bloggers to protect their content, reputation, and technology with local insurance policies. Compare quotes and look for affordable libel, health, and renter’s insurance that will fit your needs. Supplement these efforts by researching ways to avoid online lawsuits, taking a more active role in your well being, and backing up your data.

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